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Radiance! Frisco FAQ's

Everything you need to know to make your visit with us special.

Please read the information here carefully. If your concern is not addressed, reach out to us at:


What is Radiance! Holiday Ligh Spectacular? 

This year, Radiance! will be a WALK THROUGH holiday light show, choc-full of 3 million dazzling lights and one-of-a-kind social media photo opportunities.

What is Frozen in Frisco?

Frozen in Frisco is a winter carnival connected to the Radiance! Light Show in Frisco. It consists of a series of fun and thrilling holiday-themed attractions and activities, many using REAL snow, that's fun for the whole family!

Do I need a separate ticket to enter Frozen in Frisco?

NO! One ticket is all you need to experience both amazing shows Radiance! and Frozen in Frisco.

Do very young children require tickets?

Children 2 yrs old and under do not require tickets. 

How do the ticket packages work?

By selecting one of our three ticket packages you can customize your family's experience. ALL of our packages include admission to our holiday light spectacular Radiance! but are bundled with different attractions at Frozen in Frisco. 

If I purchase a Light Show only ticket, but purchase a ticket package for my children that includes attractions, can I accompany them?

Yes. You may accompany your children and watch them enjoy the activities like ice skating, ice tubing and snowman building and take photographs. You can not join in these activities however. If your children have VIP tickets, you are not able to enter the VIP lounge unless you are a VIP ticket holder yourself.   

If I purchase a bundle package but want to add extra attractions when I am there, can I?

Yes! Once you are on-site, if you wish to add additional attractions not included in your bundle, you are able to purchase individual tickets for those attractions. Scroll down to see individual attraction prices. 

What attractions are at Frozen in Frisco this year?

The individual attractions are listed below. Please read carefully and be aware of any safety restrictions and height/age requirements.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png
Mount Frisco.png

Mount Frisco Ice Tubing: Race friends and family as you soar down our outdoor ice mountain. It’s 100ft of frozen fun!

*For safety reasons, children must be a minimum of 36" to ride Mount Frisco. Children between 36" and 42” must ride with an adult on one of our double ride vehicles. Children over 42” may ride alone.

Price: $21.99 for unlimited rides

Attraction Info
Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Santa’s Snowball Toss: Warm up your pitching arm and practice your aim! Throw a bucket of REAL snowballs at moving targets and mischievous elves in this fun, interactive attraction for all ages. (No age or height restriction for this attraction).

Price: $11.99 per bucket. Bundle tickets include unlimited buckets.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Polar Glide Ice Skating: Grab a partner and take a yuletide glide under the stars on our outdoor. ice skating rink. Children 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult on the ice. 

For little ones who are non-skaters, ‘Push me Polar Bear’ skate buddies available for rental at the attraction.

Price: $18.99

Skate Buddy Rental: $8.00

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Bucking Blitzen!:  How long can you sit on the back of a reindeer? Now you can find out! Blitzen, the feistiest of Santa's sleigh-hauling crew, is up for the challenge; but be sure to hold on tight...three tries and you're out!

*Must be 48" to ride.

Price: $7.99 per ride 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Holiday Bumper Cars: Twist, turn and spin out on Holiday Bumper Cars and be sure to give your fellow riders a friendly 'nudge' as you do! 
42” minimum height. Must be 300lbs or under to ride. Recommended for kids 5 and older.

Price: $12.99 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Christmas Carousel: Revel in the timeless tradition and splendor of our Christmas Carousel. Hand-painted horses and holiday buggies spin majestically to a swirling Wurlitzer organ playing seasonal tunes. Weight Limit Per Rider: 175lbs.

Price: $11.99 for unlimited rides

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Meet Santa Claus. Have a magical, personal encounter with the man himself and see if you made the ‘Nice’ list. (Hint: We didn’t!) 

You may take your own photos with Santa. 

PLEASE NOTE: Santa returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve and will not be at Radiance! 12/25- 1/1. The number of people that can meet Santa during the hours we are open is LIMITED. Due to limited capacity, we provide are no guarantees that all our guest will be able to meet Santa. Because we want as many guests as possible to meet Santa, time with Santa will be limited to 5 minutes per party.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png
Build Your Own Snowman_3.png

Build your very own snowman from REAL snow at FRIO! We'll provide the scarf, hat, eyes and carrot nose so you can take a souvenir ‘snowman selfie’ with your new frozen friend.

A fun, interactive group activity!

Price: $27.99 for up to 5 people. Based on availability.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 3.31.14 PM.png

Do you have what it takes to hit Krumpus on the nose and score a bull's eye? Test your axe chucking skills before this holiday horror can decide if you're naughty or nice! Must be 10 years or older to participate. 

Price: $10 for 3 throws

What is included in each ticket package and what are the ticket package prices?

Radiance! Lights $34.99 per person + tax and fees

WALK THROUGH a holiday wonderland of almost 3 million dazzling lights and one-of-a-kind holiday social media moments! This ticket is for the Light Show only. You may still enter Frozen in Frisco, but this ticket does not include attractions. Attractions may be purchased separately inside the park.

Holiday Magic! $45.99 per person + tax and fees

The most bang for your buck and includes all of our most popular attractions, including: Radiance! Light Show, Ice Skating, Snowball Toss, Ice Tubing, and Christmas Carousel. Should you want to add more attractions when you are on-site, you can! 

Christmas VIP Gold: $124.99 per person + tax, no fees

The ULTIMATE holiday experience. All attractions; all-inclusive, with a fast pass and other exclusive perks! Includes all of the attractions in our Holiday magic bundle above PLUS, Build Your Own Snowman (group activity up to 5 people), Buckin' Blitzen, Holiday Bumper Cars. FAST PASS limited wait for all attractions, complimentary parking in our VIP lot, admission to our VIP lounge with one drink included (alcoholic or non-alcoholic based on age and preference and bottomless hot chocolate!


Can I change the date of my tickets once I have ordered them?

You may make changes to your order after you have placed it. However, you will be charged a $5.00 ticket change fee. If inclement weather forces us to close, this fee will be waived. To transfer dates, follow the link in the email in which the tickets were sent to you. That link will take you to PreKindle our ticketing company. Simply let them know what day you’d like to change to. Once the $5 transfer fee is paid, they will send you the new tickets. NOTE: Tickets may not be transferred to another date on, or after the day you are scheduled to attend. 

Are tickets refundable?

No. All sales are final at Radiance! & Frozen in Frisco. If you wish to change the date of your ticket, we are able to accommodate your request for a $5 ticket change fee. We do offer ticket insurance at the time of purchase. Details of our ticket insurance policy are available HERE.  If you do not purchase ticket insurance, details of our refund policy are available to view HERE



If I have purchased a ticket, what happens if the weather is bad?

Our goal is to open Radiance! regardless of inclement weather, but we also want you to have a safe, fun experience. If you have purchased tickets for Radiance! and we are forced to close the show due to extreme weather conditions,  you may use your ticket on another day of your choosing. Keep in mind we do not issue refunds. Please check our Facebook page and Instagram story for updates. 


Where do I park?

Once on-site, follow the signs to our parking lot.


Is there a charge for parking?

Event parking is $10. We accept cards only, no cash. If you purchase a VIP upgrade, parking is included.


Can I purchase tickets for the day of the show at the location?

Yes, but we highly recommend that you purchase tickets online, ahead of time to avoid lines and the possibility the event is sold out.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit and Debit. We do not accept cash at our Box Office.

Can I book my holiday party at Radiance! and receive a group discount?

Yes! For large party bookings of 20 or more, email us HERE


Will restrooms be available?

Yes, Riders Field has a large number of restroom facilities.

Are all of your attractions wheelchair accessible?

Please read below for wheelchair access by attraction:

Radiance! Light Show: This is a walk-through attraction and wheelchair accessible. 

Ice Tubing: Wheelchair guests may ride provided someone in their group is able to carry them up the stairs and assist them in getting into the snow tube. After they have ridden, someone in their group must assist them in getting out of the tube and back into their wheelchair. Make sure to let the staff at the location know and one of our managers will make sure that we provide a lane on the hill for the guest.

Ice Skating: Wheelchairs are allowed on the ice rink surface. Someone in the group must skate behind the guest in the wheelchair by pushing the wheelchair on the rink. Make sure to let the staff at the location know and one of our managers will make sure that they are able to access the rink in a wheelchair.

Carousel: Wheelchair guests will be allowed to ride provided someone in their group is able to lift them up onto the Carousel and place them on the horse. The responsible party must stand next to the guest with a disability during the entire ride. After the ride, this person must assist them off of the horse and back into the wheelchair.

Snowball Toss: All access ok.

Holiday Bumper Cars: Wheelchair guests may be allowed to ride depending on their disability. A manager will speak with you and make the determination based on the person's disability. If they are allowed to ride, someone in their group must be able to lift them and assist them onto the bumper car. At the end of the ride, someone from their group must be able to assist them in getting out of the bumper car.

Bucking Blitzen: This is our version of the infamous mechanical bull. Due to the nature of this attraction, it is not accessible to wheelchair guests.

Any additional questions or anything we can do to make your visit with us more enjoyable?

Email us at:

View our Privacy Policy HERE and our Terms and Conditions HERE

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